Queen Mary Ghosts

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Welcome aboard the Queen Mary, the most haunted ship in the world, where you can step into the past, and easily imagine what it must have been like to sail aboard this luxurious ocean liner. Memories abound throughout the ship, conjuring up nostalgic times of a bygone era... There are also plenty of ghosts to go around! The Queen Mary appears to be a door to another world, where strange and unexplainable things continue to happen. Whoever, or whatever lurks in the shadows, can be seen, heard and felt. For those who have witnessed the events, its all too real. The ship is a "dead zone" that sends a shiver up people's spines, makes their hair stand on end, or causes them to seek the safety of a well lit room, and find the comfort in other human contact. These occurrences continue to happen with great regularity to people from all walks of life, skeptics and believers alike. As some parapsychologist suggest, where there are so many memories and emotions, there is bound to be residual energy and a potential for hauntings.